How do I complete practicums internationally?

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Students may occasionally be permitted to complete a practicum internationally, although this is highly unusual and should not be expected. Approval is dependent upon many factors. To be considered, an internationally completed practicum must meet the same criteria as acceptable placements in British Columbia, Canada, the centre must be regulated and be reflective of a high-quality early childhood environment, and the region’s early learning framework must be aligned with the British Columbia Early Learning Framework. In addition, the ECE Mentor must be able to correspond in English and hold equivalent certification and training to certified British Columbian mentors. In most cases, students will be required to complete practicums in British Columbia, Canada unless they can clearly demonstrate that an international placement is equivalent to a placement at a licensed British Columbia early childhood centre under the mentorship of a certified Early Childhood Educator. Regardless of location, all students must demonstrate practice in alignment with Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute’s Learning Outcomes and the BC Child Care Sector Occupational Competencies.