Financial Aid

Payment Plan for Part-Time Students

Our program has a naturally built in payment plan. Instead of contracting students for an entire program and requiring all the tuition up front, we allow our students to enroll in and sign a contract for just one course at a time. Part-time students enjoy the flexibility of enrolling in, paying for, and completing just one course at a time. Part-time students may work ahead and complete courses early, take breaks in between courses, work while they study, sign up for multiple courses at once, and take as many or as few courses in a program as they want. Tuition is just paid for one course at a time.

All our students are automatically considered part-time students upon registration. If a student is required by an external sponsor to be a full-time student, they would be required to submit a full-time program contract, timetable, and maintain full-time eligibility requirements. Full-time student applications are not currently being accepted.

Canada Job Grant

Many provinces and territories in Canada have a grant program available to students and their employers to offset registration fees and tuition. Eligible employers can apply for up to 2/3 of their employees training costs to be reimbursed upon completion. This applies to entire certificate programs and to individual courses for up to $10,000 per student. In BC, Grant Applications are sent directly to the Ministry and inquiries can be directed to 1-877-952-6914 or

Student Bursary Program - ECEBC

The Ministry of Children and Family Development has been providing funding to ECEBC for a student bursary program since 2014. The bursary program will be renewed every 4 months until the funding is depleted. ECEBC is responsible for administering the student bursary program. Please check their website at for the most current information and for bursary applications. Eligible students will be able to apply for up to $300 per course (up to $1500) and priority will be given to students working to achieve an ITE or SNE Certificate, although many Basic Certificate Program students from our institution have applied and successfully received this bursary in previous semesters. The award amount and eligibility details are subject to be changed without notice by ECEBC, so make sure you check their website for the most current information about funding, eligibility and application periods.

Mary Thomas Memorial ECE Scholarship

Each year, the British Columbia Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) offers one $1000 scholarship for eligible Basic ECE students and one $1500 scholarship for eligible Post-Basic ECE students. This scholarship is awarded after you have completed your Basic or Post-Basic ECE certificate or diploma program. Their goal is to recognize and reward two Aboriginal ECE students each year for the highest overall achievement including: academic standing (at an approved educational institution and ECE program within British Columbia), outstanding accomplishments, volunteer work, community involvement, references, history of the applicant, as well as their ongoing commitment to childcare. Please visit their website for the most current information and for scholarship applications.

Canada Student Loans and Grants

Pacific Rim is designated for Canada and Provincial Student Loans and Grants.

Available spaces for full-time and part-time student loans are FULL until 2020. New full-time and part-time loan applications for the Basic ECE Certificate program will be accepted on May 1, 2020 for courses and programs starting July 2, 2020.

Student loans are designed to help Canadian residents overcome financial barriers to post-secondary education, it is a partnership between the provincial and federal governments, who cover interest payments during your time of study. Pacific Rim only accepts student loan applications for the Basic ECE Certificate program.

Students loans are a needs-based government program. Students must apply and qualify to receive funding.

Pacific Rim only accepts a small number of applications once a year. Submitting a loan application does not guarantee that it will be successful and this option is not always available.

Students wishing to apply for a part-time or full-time loan should contact the Pacific Rim administrator and submit required documentation prior to May 1st, 2020 and plan to start the Basic ECE Certificate program on July 2, 2020.

While loans provide a service to those who are financially prepared to take on the burden and responsibility of student debt and full-time studies, it is advised that students avoid this financing option as it greatly limits the flexibility of the program. The majority of our students wisely prefer to take and pay for our courses one at a time, as they are ready to start them. Without a loan, our students have the flexibility to work as they study, take breaks between courses and work at their own pace through the program.