Provincial Early Childhood Certification and Licensing Information

Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute (PRECI) is a Recognized Early Childhood Training Institution in British Columbia (BC). The Ministry of Education and Child Care ECE Registry issues provincial certification in BC. PRECI programs are rooted in BC competencies and curriculum, and practicums are completed in BC at facilities that meet the requirements outlined in the PRECI Practicum Policy (found in the Student Handbook ).

The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) was approved by federal, provincial, and territorial governments with the intent to remove barriers to the movement of workers, goods, services and capital. Under AIT, child care professionals that have been assessed in their province may transfer that certificate or license to any other region of Canada.

The Province of British Columbia has provided an equivalency chart outlining the Federal-Provincial Agreement on Internal Trade Certification Equivalencies from province to province. While this information is provided as an introduction to labour mobility in Canada, requirements from provincial and national bodies are subject to change without notice. Students should ensure they contact and discuss any plans to complete certification in BC with the certification or licensing authority in the province where they intend to practice for the most current and accurate regulatory information.