Our Textbook List is available as a .pdf to download. Please ensure that the edition of the book you are ordering matches the edition on this list before you purchase it. Some courses may require access to the online Science of Early Childhood Development (SECD) resource in addition to the textbooks listed below. If required, the SECD "living textbook" will be listed on the Textbook List. Students accessing this online resource from within British Columbia will be able to do so without purchasing a subscription. Students accessing the resource from outside British Columbia will be required to purchase a 2-year online subscription for courses requiring this resource.

Ordering Information

Students must purchase the required textbook prior to enrolling in its associated course. Textbooks may be ordered from any source. We have searched for the most reliable and cost-effective sources and provided ""Buy Now Online"" links below.

Alternative sources for textbooks include eBook services such as VitalSource, local bookstores, or the University of Victoria under the course name PRIM400.

Remember to always refer to our Textbook List before purchasing books to ensure you have selected the correct title, author, edition and ISBN. It is advised that you refrain from enrolling in a course until you have received the required textbook.

Using Outdated Editions

Often students like to cut down costs by purchasing used or older editions. Older editions often work, but you will find yourself using the table of contents more often to find the suggested readings. Textbooks that are outdated by more than one edition should not be used, and the use of current editions is encouraged.

Important Note

If you are purchasing books online, please check our Textbook List to see which edition is in use to ensure that you order the correct edition of the textbook. Amazon.ca will sometimes list multiple editions under the same book title. If you are unsure if the correct edition is in stock, please contact the seller.