Provincial Certification for New Brunswick

Certificate Issued By: Early Childhood and School Based Services

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New Brunswick is not listed on the Federal Provincial Agreement on Internal Trade Certification Equivalencies from Province to Province and is thus more susceptible to provincial regulatory changes. Any potential students planning to practice in New Brunswick should first check with the provinces current regulatory and training requirements prior to enrollment. Potential students should ensure that the province of New Brunswick accepts training from recognized training institutions in British Columbia and confirm what level of training is required and if there are any additional requirements to meet your professional goals.

As of August 2018, the Director of Early Learning and Childcare, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in New Brunswick confirmed that at this time there is no Early Childhood Education Certification process in New Brunswick. At this time, the training requirement for licensed Early Learning and Childcare Facilities are one in four staff or the administrator, must have completed a minimum of one year of community college Early Childhood Education training, or its equivalent. New Brunswick also has two recognized curriculum frameworks (New Brunswick's Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum and Le Curriculum éducatif Services de garde francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick), and all staff employed at an early learning and childcare facility serving children between the ages of infants and preschool to kindergarten entry are required to take the curriculum framework training, which is a 30 hour online course.

An individual with a one-year Early Childhood Education Certificate from a recognized institution in BC (including Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute) would be recognized as ECE trained in NB. An individual with the one year ECE Certificate would, in addition, be required to take the New Brunswick 30-hour online curriculum framework training prior to working in a licensed Early Learning and Childcare Facility.

This information is kept as up to date as possible, but because New Brunswick does not provincially regulate Early Childhood Educators or participate in the Agreement on Internal Trade, regulations and requirements are more susceptible to change without notice. Potential students should confirm the current training requirements directly with the province of New Brunswick to ensure what level of training is required from recognized institutions in British Columbia and what if any additional requirements there may be.

For the most the current information, please visit the Early Childhood and School Based Services website.

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