Student Resources

Articles & Journals

Science of Early Childhood Development
The Science of Early Childhood Development (SECD) website was created by early childhood professionals as a reputable resource based on current practices and research in North America. The website is a rich resource of relevant and reputable academic papers and articles. Articles and expert interviews can be found throughout each of their modules. A great way to search for a specific topic is to go directly to their Index of Topics. Other resources include in-depth subject exploration, expert interviews, videos of English and French Canadian Classrooms and educators, videos of international classrooms and educators, interactive quizzes and games. Access if free for anyone accessing the website within the borders of British Columbia. For those accessing this resource outside British Columbia, a 2-year subscription may be purchased.

NAEYC Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals
The NAEYC provides a list of peer-reviewed scholarly journals that you may wish to subscribe to online, or that you may be able to access from a local college or university library. The journals listed are reputable resources for current research in early childhood education.

Video Resources

Videatives Streaming Service
View a variety of short video clips of Early Childhood Educator and children interactions inside real child care centres. Each clip includes narrations by an early childhood education professional. Students of Pacific Rim have special access to customized "Videatives" playlists such as this one. Where appropriate, courses will have a direct link to a Videative playlists specifically designed for each course in the course resources section of the materials. Students will be able to follow these course specific links and use them to observe and see narrations of topics in early childhood education and development like collaboration, guidance, math, art, special education and so much more!

California Early Childhood Educator Competencies
View several 10-20 minute videos about various early childhood education competencies and topics. These videos were created for the California Department of Education. It is important to note that there are dissimilarities between Californian and Canadian policies, students should always keep in mind that these are American videos and that Canadian (and provincial) licensing regulations should always be followed while practicing in Canada. While the videos were not created with specific Canadian policies in mind, they are still an excellent resource.

Canadian Resources

Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia
ECEBC is a collective voice to advance professional and personal commitment to the value of early care and learning by empowering the sector through education, collaboration and leadership. Find information on conferences, job postings, and province specific resources.

ECEBC - Code of Ethics
ECEBC has published a Code of Ethics for all ECE professionals in the province to follow. All ECE’s in the province of BC should understand and adhere to these ethics.

Child Care Resource and Referral Programs in British Columbia
The CCRR offers many free resources to parents and educators. There are local branches all across the province.

Early Learning Framework
Download the "British Columbia Early Learning Framework" PDF resource. B.C.'s Early Learning Framework included learning principles and key areas of learning for children up to five years old.

BC Aboriginal Child Care Society Handbook
The British Columbia Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS) is committed to nurturing excellence through community outreach, training, education, research and advocacy, to ensure every Aboriginal child in BC has access to spiritually enriching, culturally relevant, high quality early childhood development services. The "Handbook of Best Practices in Aboriginal Early Childhood Programs" provides excellent information on culturally focused curriculum, traditional language development, outreach, policies and assessments.

Indigenous Early Childhood Development in Canada: Current state of knowledge and future directions
The National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health (NCCAH) is a national Aboriginal organization established in 2005 by the Government of Canada and funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada to support First Nations, Inuit, and Metis public health renewal and health equity through knowledge translation and exchange. The NCCAH published this paper to increase understanding, awareness and application of Indigenous Early Childhood Development (ECD) through providing information on the currents state of ECD knowledge and what this means for the future.

The Early Years Professional Development
The Early Years Professional Development web portal was developed on behalf of the British Columbia Office for The Early Years. This project aims to support the B.C. Early Years Strategy to promote quality, by hosting, developing and evaluating a professional development website for the B.C. early years sector. The portal lists a range of Professional Development opportunities, workshops and other related events in British Columbia, and does so using maps as well as listing dates – ensuring communities can coordinate offerings, helping to avoid duplicate or conflicting events.

Appetite to Play
Appetite to Play is supported by the BC Physical Activity Strategy and has rich resources and tools for Early Childhood Educators on the subjects of healthy eating and physical activity in the early years. It is delivered in partnership through the government of British Columbia, Child Health BC, BC Alliance for Healthy Living, YMCA, Childhood Obesity Foundation and Sport for Life. Create a free account to set up a profile and save favourite recipes, games, tips and ideas, self-assessment and planners. You can also sign up to receive newsletters and regular updates. Appetite to play also offers two FREE e-learning modules that count towards professional development. You must be registered to have access to these modules.

Coalition of Child Care Advocates of British Columbia
The CCCABC advocates for a community based, non-profit child care system in BC that offers quality, affordable and publicly funded child care.

Canada Food Guide for Children 1-4
This Canada Food Guide is published by the Government of Alberta. It is designed specifically for children 1-4 and has illustrated serving sizes.

Canada Food Guide for Children 5-11
This Canada Food Guide is published by the Government of Alberta. It is designed specifically for children 5-11 and has illustrated serving sizes.

Provincial Regulatory Bodies

Ministry of Children and Family Development
British Columbia's Ministry of Children and Family Development provides resources on how to become an ECE in BC, how to start a child care centre, licensing regulations and official provincial information applicable to the field of ECE.

Alberta Human Services
The Ministry of Alberta Children's Services offers a range of services and programs for children and families including child care licensing.

Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators
The Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators grants licenses for the province of Ontario and offers many excellent resources including an Ontario Code of Ethics and other publications.

Child Care Human Resources Sector Council
The CCHRSC is working towards standardizing approaches to child care training across Canada. Here you can search for certification requirements for each province and view information on how credentials and training transfer between provinces.

American Resources

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
The NAEYC is an American association. Their website is rich in supplementary resources like publications, conferences, events, professional development, public policy and curriculum topics.