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Ensure all contact information entered is correct. Your name will appear on all official documents (transcripts, etc.), documentation will be mailed to the mailing address you provide, and electronic correspondence such as confirmations, reminders and course materials will be emailed to the email address you provide.

Personal Information

The pronouns by which you would like to be addressed. Leave blank if you would prefer to not disclose or your preferred pronouns are not listed here.

Format: "xxx-xxx-xxxx", e.g. "123-456-7890"

Choose a personal email account you use regularly. If you have an outdated email address with inappropriate references, consider creating a new and more professional email address.

Format: "MM/DD/YYYY", e.g. "01/02/1998" for January 2nd, 1998

Government-Required Information

All Canadian citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents are eligible for a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

As of 2019, the Canadian Revenue Agency requires all students to provide their SIN for tax purposes.

Format: 9 digits, no dashes or spaces, e.g. "123456789"

Optional Personal Information

Format: 9 digits, no dashes or spaces, e.g. "123456789"

Educational Goal

Because you acquired your basic ECE education elsewhere and intend to acquire your post-basic training with us, we also require the following:

Official Transcript from Previous Institution for Basic ECE


Provincial Certification / License to Practice as an ECE


Official Transcript

Upload an Official Transcript indicating successful completion of:

  1. Grade 12 English or equivalent course
  2. Any Canadian university-level English course
  3. An English Assessment indicating English proficiency equivalent to successful completion of Grade 12 English from a recognized university or college

A copy of the Official Transcript may be mailed instead of directly uploaded to this application, but doing so may affect your eligibility for the program.


Character Reference Letters

Upload two separate, completed and signed Character Reference Letters in the form of a .pdf. Please do not upload any images. References must be submitted on the provided template and uploaded directly to the online application. Other types of references will not be accepted.


Criminal Record Check

If you already have a current Criminal Record Check (CRC) that has been completed by the Ministry of Justice, RCMP in the past 12 months, you may upload a .pdf copy to this registration form or mail us a copy to meet the CRC prerequisite. All CRC's are required to have clearance stating you have no limitations for working with children. If your CRC check is completed through the RCMP, your clearance letter will need to include a vulnerable sector check.

If you do not have a CRC yet, select the box indicating that you would like criminal record check instructions to be sent to your email.

IMPORTANT: If you are requesting a CRC through the Ministry of Justice, it will be sent directly to Pacific Rim. You need to complete the registration process before you order the CRC so your information is on file and the school can contact you when your CRC arrives in the mail.


Photo Identification

Students must be 19 years of age prior to starting a full-time program. Upload a scan of photo of government issued identification (i.e. passport, drivers license, or BCID). The file may be uploaded in the following formats: .jpg, .gif, or .png.

A copy of Photo Identification may be mailed instead of directly uploaded to this application, but doing so may affect your eligibility for the program.


Declaration of Health

Upload a scan of the Declaration of Health, indicating suitability and capacity to be an Early Childhood Educator. This document is a personal declaration of health and does not need to be signed by a Health Care Professional. The Declaration of Health must be submitted on the provided template

A copy of the Declaration of Health may be mailed instead of directly uploaded to this application, but doing so may affect your eligibility for the program.


Payment Information

Choose to pay by "PayPal" or "Bank Draft or Money Order." If you would like to use a credit card you should choose the PayPal option; you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card. If a funder or loan office is sending payment on your behalf, you should select the "Bank Draft or Money Order" option and notify our Admissions team ( that you have completed the registration process.

Click "Continue" to complete the registration process. By clicking "Continue" you are certifying that the above information is accurate and that you have read and understood the Student Handbook and Code of Ethics as provided by ECEBC; please familiarize yourself with both these documents and the requirements therein, prior to registration in the program. Failure to provide accurate information or failure to abide by the policies and ethics as provided in the documentation may disqualify you from acceptance or continuation in the program.