Do returning students have to register again?

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If you are a returning student, great news! If you already have a student account with us then you won't have to register again. You'll just need to reach out to our Admin team to find out if there are any updating documents you need to submit prior to enrollment in your next course.

For returning students to continue in our Basic ECE Certificate program the documents we will need on file are two character reference letters, a copy of a current criminal record check clearance letter (requested in the last 12 months, a copy of government-issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, or BCID), a completed declaration of health form in our template, and a copy of an official transcript showing completion of English 12 (or equivalent) in Canada.

To enroll directly into a post-basic ECE program we will also need a copy of an official transcript showing completion of your Basic ECE Certificate and a copy of your Certificate from the BC ECE Registry.

If you have any questions about your updating document you can contact