How do Online Exams Work?

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Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute has partnered with Proctorio, online software used to proctor online exams. Online exams are monitored by Proctorio’s 24/7 support team, which allows students to easily start an online chat with a Proctorio staff member during their exam and receive the support they need. This allows students to safely and securely write their exam from their home, office, or location of their choosing.

Proctorio will invigilate students through their webcam, microphone and computer screen capture during the exam session. Suspicious behaviour will be flagged and will be reviewed by their instructor.

Proctorio requires the use of the Google Chrome web browser and the Proctorio extension. Proctorio is active when you log in to the exam. The Proctorio extension can be uninstalled after the exam.

All recordings made by Proctorio are encrypted and stored securely within Canadian servers. In line with British Columbia's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, these recordings are kept for a year and a day. After this time, the recordings are deleted.

How to take an Online Exam

1. Watch our Proctorio Exam Instructions video tutorial

2. Obtain a desktop PC or laptop with an internet connection

3. Install the Google Chrome browser with Proctorio installed as a Google Chrome extension

4. Obtain a functioning webcam and microphone

5. Complete all exam prerequisites and request an exam link from their instructor

6. Pay a fee for each online exam

Online Exam Eligibility Requirements

Students are eligible to write online exams provided:

1. They have access to the required technology;

2. Are able to observe all the conditions of the exam; and

3. Do not have any previous incidents of academic dishonesty.