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Receiving an Exam

When all the assignments have been successfully completed and graded for your course, you may email your instructor for an exam link. Once this email request has been approved you will receive an email with a link to the exam and information on how to complete it.

Video Tutorial

The exam email you receive from your instructor will include a sample video of someone completing an exam so you are able to view the entire experience from start to finish. Make sure you work through any technical issues you may encounter using Proctorio prior to starting your actual exam.

Technical Issues

If you run into technical issues, Proctorio offers 24/7 live chat support which you can access through a chat function provided during your exam or before your exam at

Taking Notes

Instead of providing paper, like at an onsite testing centre, Proctorio provides a web-based whiteboard that is available to write and draw with during the exam. All notes taken during the exam must be through the online exam interface. Handwritten notes may not be taken during the exam as it isn't possible to collect the notes after the exam as it is with an onsite testing centre.

Choosing a Time to Write

The exam may be written anytime between when you receive the exam email and your end date. You do not have to book a specific time to write. It is however advised that you do not begin the exam process by following your exam link until you are prepared to write the exam link only continues to remain active for a few hours once you begin the system checks. If you leave the exam link in your inbox and do not follow it until you are ready, it will remain active indefinitely.

The entire session will be recorded and reviewed by your instructor after the exam is complete. Proctorio support is offered 24/7 (if needed) which means exams may be written any time on any day. Just be sure to write before your end date and after you have successfully completed all your assignments. Ensure that you choose a time to write when you are sure you will not be interrupted and when the power and internet connection is not likely to go be interrupted.

Time Requirements

All exams are two-hours long, although ample time is provided and students may often sufficiently answer all the questions and submit the exam early. Changes to the exam duration are not possible for online exams.