Are there special requirements if I am being sponsored?

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If you are planning on having your education sponsored by an agency, be sure you know all the requirements beforehand, and ensure you will be able to follow them including any timeline and repayment requirements.

Please discuss any possible sponsorship situations with the administrator prior to entering a sponsorship agreement to ensure that you will be eligible to complete the program with us. Sponsorship agencies often require full-time status and firm timelines for completion. Full-time spaces are very limited and must be discussed with the administrator if you are seeking a place in the full-time program.

Special documentation can take a few weeks to process. Ensure you discuss any sponsorship deadlines with the administrator weeks in advance of any deadlines, so we can help accommodate your circumstances. We always try our best, but last minute deadlines may affect your eligibility to be a sponsored student.

It is important that potential sponsors (agencies, WorkBC, employers, parents, grandparents, or any person sending payment for the program other than the student) read and understand our payment policy. Pay particular attention to the following excerpt pertaining directly to sponsors:

Payments should be submitted as outlined in the “General Payment Information” section of this policy, with the exception that it is possible for sponsorship agencies to submit a sponsorship letter indicating the forthcoming payment schedule. Students with a sponsorship letter on file may begin the program prior to full payment being received.

Payments must be issued for a single student. Lump payments that arrive on behalf of more than one student will be returned.

A government or business cheque may be accepted in lieu of a bank draft or money order, although any NSF fees incurred by the Institute will be charged back to the sender. Please note, in compliance with the Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Act (RSB1996) c. 165, a sponsor cannot make changes to the student’s registration, including transferring registration to another student.

Prior to sending payment, sponsors must understand and accept the liability for course fees on behalf of the student/employee and if required, have a clear plan in place on how repayment will be made.

Eligible refunds are issued to the student, regardless of the payee. It may be possible to issue a refund directly to the payee, but only with the student’s express permission. T2202 tax receipts will be issued in the student’s name, regardless of the payee. Please ensure you arrange clear repayment expectations (if required) with the student you send payment on behalf of prior to sending payment on their behalf. Any repayment plans are strictly between the student and the lender. It is possible that a full or partial refund will be made in the student’s name, should they withdraw or be dismissed.