What career paths are available to ECE’s

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British Columbia has a long history of high demand for certified individuals to work with young children in child care facilities. Graduates may find employment opportunities in a variety of child care settings such as day cares and preschools. Within a child care facility, positions may include Early Childhood Educator Assistant, Early Childhood Educator, Infant Toddler Educator, Special Needs Educator, Pedagogist, Program Administrator, Program Manager, Program Supervisor, Assistant Director, Director, or Owner of a child care facility.

Outside child care facilities career paths may include government employment within the Ministry of Education and Child Care, Advanced Education, or a local municipal government. These may include, Parks and Recreation Program Worker or Supervisor, Policy Analyst, Training Analyst, or a Provincial Licensing Officer. Community service employment could also lead to positions such as Nanny, Respite Provider, Child Advocate, Child Care Consultant (CCRR), Recreational Early Childhood Program Coordinator (Cruise ships, resorts, local community centres), Family Support Worker or Consultant, Behavioral Consultant, Strong Start or Head Start Facilitator, ECE Researcher, Post-Secondary ECE Instructor, or Post-Secondary Program Coordinator. Many of these latter positions may require additional education such as bachelor and post-graduate studies as well as experience working in child care facilities.