What is SECD and how do I access it?

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Science of Early Childhood and Development Resource Information

Many Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute course materials require access to the Science of Early Childhood Development “North American Edition” and/or the “Child Development Primer”. These resources are considered “living textbooks” which are prepared and updated frequently by Canadian Early Childhood experts. If one or both of these resources is required for a course, they will be listed in the “Required Textbook” section below along with other required textbooks.

For students living in British Columbia:

Both “living textbooks” are free without a subscription for students accessing the SECD website from within the borders of British Columbia. Students within the borders of BC may simply click on the links provided within course materials and they will be directed to the correct website as long as their Internet Browser’s “Location Services” is turned on. Frequently asked questions about geolocation and use of this resource, including on how to handle references to the SECD materials can be found on their website at https://content.scienceofecd.com/bcaccess/how-to-faq/ and http://content.scienceofecd.com/bcaccess/files/2016/12/SuggestedReferencingSECD_BC_Access.pdf. If you experience any difficulties you can contact support@scienceofecd.com for direct help.

For students living outside British Columbia:

Students accessing the materials outside the province of British Columbia may be required to purchase a 2-year online subscription to one or both of the “North American Edition” and the “Child Development Primer” depending on which course(s) they are planning to enroll in during the 2-year subscription period. Access to both can be purchased through the SECD Website. The cost for both sections is comparable to the cost of a textbook.

Students should only purchase a subscription if they are not living within the province of British Columbia, and should only purchase the “living textbook(s)” that are required for the course(s) they are planning to enroll in during the 2-year subscription period.