Practicum II

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Duration: 3 weeks
Hours: 125
Domestic Tuition: $795.00
International Tuition: $1265.00


    Practicum II develops and expands on the knowledge and skills learned in Practicum I. Students will spend three weeks in a group licensed day care facility and complete 125 hours. Students are required to demonstrate their competencies in communicating with children, guiding children’s behaviour, and planning and implementing activities. They will do this through video recording their activities and submitting them to their Practicum Instructor for evaluation.

    Student Responsibilities: Make arrangements with a child care centre to complete the three-week placement; make arrangements for a video camera to demonstrate competencies, and ensure that parents are comfortable with the videotaping; work full days in the child care centre and inform the staff if you need to be absent; attend staff meetings when appropriate; meet with ECE mentor to discuss activity plans and performance; and participate as a team member by supporting staff in routines, supervision, program planning and general housekeeping.


  • To plan and implement activities that promote the growth and development of young children
  • To learn how to use classroom equipment and materials to aid child discovery and learning
  • To use effective verbal and non-verbal communication with the children in order to foster active inquiry, collaboration and supportive interaction in the classroom
  • To demonstrate child guidance and classroom management skills that are in accordance with accepted early childhood strategies and techniques
  • To demonstrate appropriate supervision of children indoors and outdoors
  • To prepare learning environments that optimize children's development
  • To learn about the community resources available for families with young children
  • To communicate effectively with children and staff
  • To demonstrate an ability to work as a team member


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