Can I complete the program internationally?

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Academic courses may be completed internationally in some cases.

Students completing courses will need to ensure final exams for each course can be written under the supervision of an approved proctor. Students can also be eligible to complete online exams. To stay eligible to complete online exams, students must follow all exam conditions and not have any history of academic dishonesty throughout our program. If exam conditions are not or cannot be followed, or there are any incidents of plagiarism or cheating, students are required to write exams in person at approved testing facilities which may be difficult to find internationally. Proctors must offer a professional testing service through a college or university. They must also be able to communicate and send/receive instructions in English.

Practicum completion is another important consideration for students wishing to complete an entire certificate or diploma program. Practicums must be taken at an approved centre in British Columbia which means travel is required if students are not already living in an area of British Columbia, Canada where they can find an appropriately licensed practicum placement.